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Social login integration in PHP website

Social login integration in PHP involves allowing users to sign in to your web application using their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. Here’s a basic outline of the steps you can follow to implement social login in PHP:

  1. Register your application with the chosen social media provider(s) (e.g., Facebook, Google, etc.) and obtain your API keys or client credentials.
  2. Install a social login library in your PHP project. Some popular libraries are HybridAuth, Socialite, and PHP OAuth2.
  3. Configure the library with your API keys and the necessary permissions you require from the user.
  4. Create a login button or link that redirects users to the social media provider’s authentication page. The library should handle the authentication process and obtain the user’s profile information.
  5. Upon successful authentication, the library will return the user’s information in the form of an access token or an array of data. You can use this information to create a new user account or log in as an existing user in your application.
  6. Store the user’s profile information in your application’s database or session, as required.

Here’s an example of how you can implement social login using the HybridAuth library in PHP:

  1. Install HybridAuth using Composer:
composer require hybridauth/hybridauth
  1. Create a config.php file and configure HybridAuth with your API keys:
return array(
  "base_url" => "",
  "providers" => array (
    "Google" => array (
      "enabled" => true,
      "keys" => array (
        "id" => "your_google_client_id",
        "secret" => "your_google_client_secret",
    // add more providers here
  1. Create a login.php file and include HybridAuth:
$config = include('config.php');
$hybridauth = new Hybridauth\Hybridauth($config);

$adapter = $hybridauth->authenticate('Google');
$user_profile = $adapter->getUserProfile();

// use the $user_profile data to create or log in the user
  1. Create a login button/link in your HTML:
<a href="login.php">Login with Google</a>